• 10 Dec
    Virgil will return to 'De Ster' in Nieuwkuijk to spin the decks once more.
    "It's great to perform at this location once again", says Virgil. "The ambiance is great and the people really dig the beats."

    The party will also host well known names like big headliner Sidney Samson, who is making a name for himself in the biggest clubs all over the world, Apster and the Flexican.
  • 09 Dec
    Crazy trompeta lands on the 10th spot of this weeks EDM charts at edmcharts.net!
    Vote for Virgil here, and let's get it up to #1: http://www.edmcharts.net/track/crazy-trompeta/190/
  • 07 Nov
    Looking to stream Virgil on Spotify? You can now find Crazy Trompeta! on Spotify.
    Check it out here: http://open.spotify.com/user/atlastrecords
  • 10 May
    We will be announcing Virgil's USA tour within the next weeks so be sure not to miss out on this massive agenda update!

    Are you a fan in the USA? We will do many cities this summer, so be sure to check yours is among them! If it's not we're happy to hear where we should party as well as we still have a few spots left to fill.. ;-)
  • 06 May
    We just rocked "Bevrijdingsfestival" (Liberty Festival) in the Hague yesterday! Virgil did two performances and the crowd was extatic!

    Photo's and the official aftermovie will be uploaded to the website a.s.a.p. so check back soon so you won't miss it!
  • 05 Sep
    Check out this brand new MashUp of Summerdrums vs. Dance Ritual! It's sure to get you your summervibe back and give you back your summer once more!

    You can listen to the soundcloud after the break or find it in the <a href='/music'>music section</a>!
  • 03 Sep
    Hi, peeps!

    Check out my brand new website, which has just been released! It has a ton of new features so be sure to check it out! Especially the new music section, which features all of my tracks pulled directly from <a href='http://www.atlast.fm' target='_blank'>atlast.fm</a>.
  • 01 Sep
    For the Love of Beats 15 is out! It seems like only yesterday when Virgil's 'For the Love of Beats vol. 1' was released. But now we are already at vol. 15!

    Listen to it on souncloud after the break, or download it <a href='http://soundcloud.com/virgilkuhn/for-the-love-of-beats-vol-15' target='_blank'>here</a>!
  • 21 Apr
    Listen to this great new mashup of Virgil Kuhn, which crosses Katy Perry's 'E.T.' with R3hab's 'Bottlesong'. Now available for listening at <a href='http://www.atlast.fm' target='_blank'>atlast.fm</a>.
  • 31 Dec
    Happy new year you guys! Our new website is online!
    It's still in beta, and we are working hard to complete it, but have fun browsing virgilkuhn.com!